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1. Post a project

Describe your business needs or contact Kliker user support with any questions you may have.
  • Describe your project, requirement or problem you would like to solve.
  • Post it without any obligation.
  • Feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

2. Track applications

Manage your project easily and track the consultant application process.
  • Consultants submit applications for your project.
  • You will receive an overview of the consultants who match your criteria within 24 hours.
  • We will suggest three consultants that we vouch for and who we recommend for your project on the basis of our algorithm within 48 hours.

3. Meet the consultants

Communicate with the experts and consultants who have submitted applications to help you choose the one best suited to your project.
  • Find out more about the consultants which meet your needs.
  • Meet the recommended consultants and review their credentials.

4. Choose a consultant

Request a proposal and arrange cooperation with the selected consultant.

  • Choose the desired consultant for the job.
  • Define and determine the desired phases of delivery.
  • Receive a proposal and arrange the terms of the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of projects can I post?
  • Who are the experts and consultants?
  • What is the Payment Process?
  • Who guarantees the quality of the work?
  • Data Protection
  • The Kliker platform offers leading experts and consultants in the following areas:

    • Digital transformation;
    • EU funds;
    • Finance;
    • Strategy and innovation;
    • Sales and marketing;
    • Business processes.

    Our consultants approach all tasks, from large and complex projects to smaller ones, with equal responsibility and motivation. Before posting a project, please contact us if you need help in defining your project. Our team of experts is at your disposal.

    If your project does not fall within any of the given areas of expertise, please contact us at or +385 1 3333 815.

  • Kliker consultants are leading experts who fulfill a range of requirements and undergo professional screening. Less than 50% of consultant applicants meet the stringent conditions of our selection process. All Kliker consultants meet the following criteria:

    • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience.
    • Proven expertise in one of these six areas:
      • Digital transformation;
      • EU funds;
      • Finance;
      • Strategy and innovation;
      • Sales and marketing;
      • Business processes.
    • Professional experience in leading consultancy firms, in key roles in global corporations or international institutions.
  • The payment of the first milestone is only made after the consultant has successfully delivered it. All subsequent milestones are paid in advance. The funds are forwarded to the consultant only after you have confirmed that you are satisfied with the delivery. In this way, we provide you with full control of your project without risk or uncertainty.

  • We select only the best experts and consultants who go through a stringent selection process; less than 50% of consultant applicants meet our criteria. We recommend experts and consultants with expertise and experience best suited for the needs of your project. The payment is made in stages, only after the first successfully delivered milestone. This means you have complete control over your project and you can be confident of the quality of the consultant.

  • We place the utmost importance in the security and privacy of your personal information and the information about your project. That is why we protect it with a 256-bit SSL RSA encrypted server. Your data cannot be accessed by anyone except the consultants you have chosen. The protection of your personal data is harmonised with GDPR. You can find out more about personal data protection in our Privacy Policy.

    In case of any questions regarding data protection, please contact us at or +385 1 3333 815.

What you can expect

  • Client acquisition
  • Projects suited to you and your expertise
  • Increased payment security
  • Business digitalisation

Our consultants are

  • Experienced experts
  • Proven specialists
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience
  • Outstanding reputation

Become one of our leading consultants

The digital transformation of the consulting industry has begun. Join our team of leading experts and consultants!
  • Create your Kliker profile
  • Highlight your expertise
  • Apply for your first projects

Fast and free access to new projects

Stop wasting time and money on finding new projects. With Kliker, projects find you.
  • Projects are filtered according to your expertise
  • Easy communication through the built-in chat platform
  • Easier access to projects and safer collaboration

Increase payment security

Our platform makes it easier for you to get paid after the successful completion of work.
  • Payments after each agreed milestone
  • Work on the project continues after payment has been made

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Kliker?
  • What are the advantages?
  • What type of consultants are we looking for?
  • What are your obligations?
  • How do we link consultants and projects?
  • How long does the registration process take?
  • Payment Process
  • Kliker is an independent platform which helps leading experts and consultants find projects. The interaction between the consultants and the company is fully digitalised, which makes the entire process easier and faster. Use the platform to apply for a project, communicate with the client, arrange a call, send a proposal and manage payments. For consultants, Kliker is a client acquisition channel, while for companies, it provides an easy way of finding leading consultants best suited to their projects.

  • Independent consultants, boutique consultancy firms and corporate experts use Kliker as a channel for acquiring new clients free of charge, with higher payment security.

    What you can expect:

    • Client acquisition;
    • Projects suited to you and your expertise;
    • Increased payment security;
    • Business digitalisation.
  • Kliker accepts only experienced experts – independently as sole traders or as part of an organisation.

    • Boutique consultancy firm senior employees, partners and owners;
    • Independent consultants;
    • Experts in full-time employment.

    In order to join the Kliker community of experts and consultants, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience
    • Proven expertise in one of these six areas:
      • Digital transformation;
      • EU funds;
      • Finance;
      • Strategy and innovation;
      • Sales and marketing;
      • Business processes.
    • Professional experience in leading consultancy firms, in key roles in global corporations or international institutions
    • After we have analysed your profile, we will inform you of your application status within 48 hours. Kliker reserves the right to make discretionary decisions on the fulfillment of criteria.
  • Accepted consultants and experts must meet the following requirements:

    1. When creating a profile, the consultant selects his/her areas of expertise.
    2. The client describes the project in detail and posts it, and then selects the required expertise of the consultant.
    3. After the client posts a project, consultants with the required expertise are notified and can submit their applications.
    4. After the completion of the application process (24 h), the client can view and contact all the applicants, arrange calls and request proposals.
    5. Within 48 hours, Kliker’s algorithm selects three consultants that best match the requirements of the project based on their expertise and previous experience. The client has full discretion over the choice of consultant for their project.
  • Creating a Kliker profile takes 15–20 min.

    The profile creation process is divided into three steps:

    • Step one focuses on your personal details, work experience and education;
    • In step two, you define your expertise and industries in which you have experience;
    • In the final step, you determine your availability and other preferences/settings (defined in step three).

    A more detailed profile allows you to stand out and be selected for new projects more quickly.

  • Kliker provides increased payment security after completion of work. Payments are transparent and are made in stages, by delivered milestones. When defining a proposal, the total price of the service is determined first, which is then divided into phases.

    Each phase has a clearly defined milestone, deadline and amount which must be paid. After the first successful delivery, the client must pay the first phase in order to continue with the project. Each subsequent phase is paid in advance. We forward the funds to you after the client confirms you have completed the phase. In this way, we provide you with better control of your project without risk or uncertainty.

    More information can be found in the Terms of Use.

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Kada posjetite bilo koju web stranicu, ona može pohraniti ili dohvatiti podatke u vašem pregledniku, uglavnom u obliku kolačića. Te se informacije mogu odnositi na vas, na vaše postavke, na vaš uređaj ili kako bi se web-lokacija učinila onako kako to očekujete. Informacije obično ne mogu vas izravno identificirati, ali vam to može pružiti više personaliziranog web iskustva. Možete odabrati da ne dopuštaju neke vrste kolačića. Kliknite zaglavlja različitih kategorija da biste saznali više i promijenili naše zadane postavke. Međutim, trebali biste znati da blokiranje nekih vrsta kolačića može utjecati na vaše iskustvo na web-lokaciji i uslugama koje možemo ponuditi.

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Zaštita vaše privatnosti u obradi vaših osobnih podataka je važna briga kojoj posebnu pozornost posvećujemo tijekom naših poslovnih procesa. Osobni podaci prikupljeni tijekom posjeta našim web stranicama obrađuju se u skladu sa zakonskim odredbama koje vrijede za zemlje u kojima se web stranice održavaju. Naša politika zaštite podataka temelji se i na pravilima o zaštiti podataka koja se primjenjuju na Sense savjetovanje d.o.o. Pročitaj više

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Sense savjetovanje d.o.o. upotrebljava kolačiće i slične tehnologije, kao što su HTML5 web-pohrana i lokalni dijeljeni objekti (svi se naziva “kolačići” u nastavku) kako bi snimili preferencije korisnika i optimizirali dizajn web stranica. Oni olakšavaju navigaciju i povećavaju jednostavnost korištenja web stranice. Pročitaj više

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Ovi kolačići su neophodni za web stranice i njihove značajke kako bi ispravno funkcionirali. Bez ovih kolačića, usluge poput konfiguratora vozila mogu biti onemogućene.

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Izvedbeni kolačići

Ovi kolačići prikupljaju informacije o načinu na koji upotrebljavate web stranice. Izvedbeni kolačići pomažu nam, na primjer, da prepoznamo posebno popularna područja naše web stranice. Na taj način možemo bolje prilagoditi sadržaj naših web stranica prema vašim potrebama i time poboljšati ono što vam nudimo. Ovi kolačići ne prikupljaju osobne podatke. Daljnje pojedinosti o prikupljanju i analiziranju informacija mogu se pronaći u odjeljku "Analiza podataka o upotrebi".

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Ovi kolačići su instalirani od treće strane npr. društvene mreže. Njihova glavna svrha je integracija sadržaja društvenih mreža na našu stranicu, poput durštvenih dodataka.

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